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Thread: Old Henckels

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    actually Henckels claims to be the first manufacturer of stainless steel blades.
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    Okay. Emailed it to you. I have to say that Moritaka Hamono is my first serious Japanese knife (aside from Shun) and I am not that impressed. Could be me. the handle is too small for starters, and as I said it isn't even as sharp as my old Henckels, which was sharpened with Chef's choice Asian sharpener and then honed with a steel. Is it me?
    I do like the Shun handles. Do not like the small, octagonal handles of the Moritaka.

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    Old Henckels are beautiful!
    I love mine, and always will. It's a stainless, from 1978 (I believe), so they have been doing stainless for quite some time.
    Here's mine:

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    If Rodrigue posts the photo I (hope) sent him, you will see the handle on my Henkels is different. more modern, rounded, etc. But, without getting too personal, my mother got sick in '82 and I know she did not buy this knife after that. Besides, she knew nothing about knives. She bought it because she was German and the knife was German. NOTE: My technical skills are lacking, so i may not have gotten the photo over properly. My apologies, if that is the case.

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    i think part of the reason youre not too impressed with moritaka is because youre using a chefs choice asian sharpener and a honing rod. if you can find a way to get it professionally sharpened using whetsones it should get quite sharper than the henckel and the edge retention should be better.
    im anxious to see what this knife looks like!

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    Quote Originally Posted by PierreRodrigue View Post
    Dennis go to create an account for free, upload your photo/photos there. Once uploaded, if you hold your cursor over the photo, a box will pop up, you will see a tab that says direct link or something to that effect, copy that link, then paste it into the "image" tab in this forum, that you have been trying to use. It works better in this forum.

    Or email it to me I'll help you out.
    Or go to and you can skip the account, cleaner so less things for you to worry about.
    And well, i much, much prefer it over photobucket, imageshack and the like

    Just press "computer"

    Then you navigate to the folder where the picture was posted (for you it's stored here file:///Users/dennismanuel/Pictures/Photo%20Booth/Photo%20on%202012-07-06%20at%2015.29.jpg )
    and click on it, then just press upload

    Right click on the picture "copy image url"
    and then paste it in here.

    So you can do it yourself the next time!

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    Here you go!
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Photoon2012-07-06at1529.jpg 
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    You put the Moritaka in a Chef's Choice??

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    OMG. Wow I surprised you had a edge after taking it through that. Those only work (kinda) for soft metal knives. A Japanese blade is harder edged. No wonder you don't like it.
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    Yep, barring overgrinds the Moritaka should take a great edge in comparison to the Henckels...I have the same model Henckels and they are fine, but you will get a much better edge on a J-knife by comparison. I agree with sending it to one of the sharpening pro's here, they are priced fairly and will give you an idea of what type of edge you should be able to achieve. Then you can get a stone and figure it out for yourself.

    Good luck!
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