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Thread: Catcheside Cutlery - Works in progress.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WillC View Post
    Been really poorly with some kind of digestive infection or possible Ulcer the past week, which has made things difficult, but antibiotics are working....... But I got two more little forged Petty done to add to the store tomorrow, one carbon san maiPetty and one stainless san mai Wife Knife

    Theres a 230mm Gyuto going up tomorrow as well.

    And I will have a little work in progress for you coming up to xmas on these steak knives, they are forged integrals from silver steel, the will be a tapped through tang handle design allowing me to do some stacked handles, using up some funky stab wood offcuts by making discs up for the handle stacking. Looking forward to that, sounds fun?

    What you see here is 100% forged, no grinding whatsoever other than briefly running a file over the tennon shoulder. Just need to thread the last part of the tang before ht.

    Beautiful work as usual! Pure skillz on them 100% forged integrals...

    Looking forward to seeing the detailed pics on your store site. Hope you feel better soon too!

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    Thanks Man, very much appreciated, yep on the mend now with the antibiotics

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    What, forged integrals? I am listening

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