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Thread: concave/convex grind questions

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marko Tsourkan View Post
    Just want to add that we might be talking about different things. From the original post, the question was about grinds on double-beveled knives, so my responses were geared toward those.
    I think I said gyutos 'for example' but am interested in hearing about how grinds are achieved on other types of blades as well. My new mioroshi deba, I noticed after purchase, is slightly concave on both sides. This got me thinking about the topic, and also polishing because already I've chipped the deba and will need to put it on my coarse stone. If I scratch the blade beyond the bevel, well... I was imagining how to polish it and what the producers did when making the thing.

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    after usign my 4 foot platten and knowing that nate could me ke a 72 inch i saw no use

    the grind over 4 foot is so shallow that its not really worth it in most cases. i have ground some little pettys that were about 1.25 inch tall .100 thick and the 4 foot platten makes a nice thin edge one them tho

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    If you mean that the table (or body) of your mioroshi is concave, I think that's pretty normal for debas. Usually I clean mine up with either left over mud and/or wet/dry sandpaper on a cork.

    If you mean the actual bevel -- soft steel/hard steel jigane/hagane -- is slightly concave, that's pretty normal too for cheaper end offerings. It will be gone in time with sharpening. And oncave back side is what to be expected for a deba, right? And you'll want to keep it that way.

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