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Thread: Masamoto KK vs. KS

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    Masamoto KI? Never heard of it... where can I see one?

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    page 8 on the very top. yanagiba is the only style available in it's class.

    i didn't know that masamoto specialize in swedish steel, they have a swedish wa-gyuto with the same profile and shape like the KS and HS wa-gyuto that's highly reviewed on here. planning to get both eventually

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    found a couple pics of the Masamoto KI 300mm

    the back says white#1 (i think)

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    i've asked koki and mari and they both said it's hon kasumi white #1. the price itself is a step above the ks yanagiba too.

    not that i don't believe u jon lol

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    what does the bottom letter say jon? when i looked up awhile back, white translated to the top letter only

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    turns out i was entirely wrong... the bottom seems like a stylistic way of writing ichi (one)... white 1 after all. Sorry for the confusion.

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    Jon I think Youll understand

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