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Thread: Mokume and blue mammoth 240 mm gyuto

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crothcipt View Post
    Wow very nice. Love the tooth, who can not like a blue tooth? Well someone with one in their head. Is that mokume like that or is that part of the pic (lighting)? Either way it looks sweet.
    If you are looking at the dark shadow, then that is lighting.

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    bling bling!

    I love your profiles, BTW

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    Another stunning knife, Pierre!

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    that looks great!

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    Awesome, awesome work! I can't wait to join forces with you again, to make another beauty.
    The new owner is in for a treat!

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    Pierre, Thats Fabulous!! Great looking blade and the handle work is SUPER!

    God Bless

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    That profile is drop dead gorgeous, everything I would want in a Gyuto. What type of grind did you put on that knife?
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    This might be one of your best ones yet, i love, love, love the blue mammoth.. how much does the blue mammot in this knife cost?

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    Thanks everybody, I appreciate the kind comments!

    The grind is a slight convex from the spine to about 2/3's down, then slightly more till the edge.

    The mammoth isn't outrageous, but it is harder to find good quality product, and in the colors that look as good as this last stuff I got. It is available as long as I can source material.

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    That is some beautiful work!!! Craig sure has some nice wood!

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