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Thread: Anthony Sedlak; You'll be Missed

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    Anthony Sedlak; You'll be Missed

    The food world lost one of its most exciting, talented and charismatic members, on Friday.
    Anthony Sedlak, for those who might not know of him or his work, was the host of a show on Food Network Canada, and an experienced chef in Vancouver, Canada. He had the ability to take his passion for food and make others feel the same way. I was fortunate enough to take part in a group lesson that he put on, a few years back and I immediately thought, "this guy is amazing!"
    He wrote a cookbook, named after his show, called 'The Main', and if you have never seen it, it's worth a look and, in my opinion, a purchase. If I only had one cookbook, it would be in the running, and most likely my choice.
    At the age of 29, one can't help but wonder what he might have become, had he grown old, and grey. I can't help but think many generations would have loved his way around the kitchen and his contagious spirit.
    Anthony, you'll be missed, but your cookbook will always have a place in my kitchen.
    RIP, you talented guy, you!

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    Have to look him up. Some times I wish the US wasn't so closed to other countries programs.

    Chewie's the man.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crothcipt View Post
    Have to look him up. Some times I wish the US wasn't so closed to other countries programs.

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    A lot of Food Network Canada is re-run on The Cooking Channel. I have no idea about his show though.


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