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Thread: Just pick my damn gyuto please

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    Quote Originally Posted by EdipisReks View Post
    you definitely don't want carbon, then.
    Maybe a Boye dendritic cobalt kitchen knife? It's not steel and will never rust.

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    stick to stainless if you cant comit to take care of it like a baby. now a steel that is very cool is ZDP-189 witch is stainless powdersteel at 67 or 68 in HRC now that can sound scary cuz normaly this hard steel chips easly but not with this steel. Miyabi 7000mcd use this steel with 132 layers of damascus but thay only got a 8" gyuto.. i paid 250$ NIB got lucky and you might find a good deal to. or even another brand with zdp-189.

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    I just have a few questions in order to possibly narrow down your choices.

    First, do you intend to use this knife for everything, including vegetable prep and chopping chicken bones? Basically, how rough are you with your knives?

    Second, do you want a Western handled knife such as the Mac and Hattori, or a Japanese style handled knife such as the Shun? Do you prefer one or the other for more sturdy tasks?

    Third, how important is Damascus to you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Birnando View Post
    Well, I got the **** from **** for about****. I was really ***** with that...

    This post is not very helpful.

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    With The knives you mentioned. This would be a good choice.

    Call Jon there. He will help you pick and is very helpful.
    I prefer wa handles, but to each there own. The ones you mentioned were western handled.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Birnando View Post
    Well, I got the **** from **** for about****. I was really ***** with that...
    Quote Originally Posted by ajhuff View Post
    Is anyone else seeing how unhelpful this whole censorship thing is?


    We censor inappropriate words and specific business links (or words that are used in their links) because some businesses are not welcome to benefit here at KKF. These businesses set the relationship tone between us - we are simply reacting to what they have done and/or still do. This situation will not change nor will complaining about it. The poster (Birnando) clearly knows that he's stirring the pot by making that post and I want him and everyone else to know that this behavior isn't welcome here.

    As to the original poster being censored, well that's unfortunate. Again, we are simply reacting to a situation to which we are forced to deal with.

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    +1 to Eamon on the Butcher and Baker knives. I think they will suit you very well.

    Dam can't find the page anymore.
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    I will use this knife for most things, except cutting into bones and slicing bread.
    I think I prefer a western handle, but I don't mind a rounded wa handle like the Shun.
    Damascus isn't that important. I just find it sexy.

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    Oh, I forgot to add that I am leaning towards the Blazen 270 gyuto.

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    ZDP-189 is definitely NOT stainless. Any steel will stain eventually, and I have a ZDP-189 pocketknife that I've put through the ringer and it definitely rusts and pits faster than VG-10. If her VG-10 Shun Classic pitted, I guarantee a ZDP-189 will rust even faster.

    She has a lot of choices, in knives for her 300 dollar mark.

    BTW, you can't go wrong with the Blazen. It is an amazing blade. If your husband leaves it dunked in water, it too will rust or pit.

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