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Thread: Favorite Touch Up Stone for Work

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    For at work, I would probably go splash and go, maybe Dave's new 3K, or the Gesshin 1200

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    I too like the SS, but i usually go more aggressive for touch ups at work, like 3k...

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    Quote Originally Posted by macmiddlebrooks View Post
    I do touch-ups on a leather strop glued to a piece of scrap wood or, if I'm in a hurry, a dickoron sapphire steel. If I need to put a fresh edge on, honestly any 1000 or 1200 grit Japanese waterstone will work fine. I have a 1000 grit shapton that looks cool and a $40 (I forget the name) 1000 grit for work, but I the edge i get on both is the same. Your stone-flattener is really the key piece. Many of my co-workers can't seem to be bothered to get one and keep asking me why their edge sucks so hard .
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    As long as the edge hasn't gotten too far away from me I'll use a small-ish nakayama karasu that I keep in my knife bag. Works pretty well and leaves a very refined edge that's still got great bite.
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    Quote Originally Posted by keithsaltydog View Post
    Welcome JDA,fairly dull Stainless needs an aggressive Med. stone.Bester 1200 is a great stone that is not much more than the ones you are considering.Another option is a big King brick 1000 esp. if others are using the stone.Save your nice stones for your own use.
    Thanks for the response! Good options. I'm worried I might like the Bester 1200 too much and take it for myself... and I already have two 1k stones.

    The King 1k brick looks very attractive for this purpose. I like the idea of theNaniwa 2k being able to remove steel fast and also providing a more refined edge if you play with it, but I worry about folks gouging the heck out of it. I don't want to spend more time flattening it @ work than actually using it.

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