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Thread: Request: Worn knife photo

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    This is a very cool thread. Thanks everyone for contributing. I'll take some pics of my boss's $h1tball germans when I get back from vacation.

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    These picture are so very cool. I love how cool old used knives are. You be kidding that he still uses that tiny knife. I though I was cheap for thinking wear down a gyuto to a Sujihiki, never thought people does do it. I have hope to wear down my Sujihiki to a petty now.

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    I love it! keep it coming!

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    Jon - I really do think that you, with connections with Japan, could do a great book on history, construction, use, of j- knives. I'll edit; I write good.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Seth View Post
    Morimoto's book has a picture of his yanigiba hanging on by a thread.

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    "This badly worn knife was returned to Loveless by a professional hunter with the request for another just like it. He enumerated the many kills the knife had skinned and Loveless, who likes to see his knives used, was so impressed he sent the replacement gratis."

    Photo and quote from Living on the Edge by Al Williams.

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    Now that is loving the knife.
    Chewie's the man.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AddictforLife View Post
    I am kinda curious on how knife look like after years of use and sharpening. I don't think there is any photo on the web that shows a knife that has been use for ages and worn to the point where it almost at it's last breath.

    you should check out pretty much most of my knife posts and you will see what happens to aged
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    Hey Son, you break them down and build them back up to their former beauty though! I enjoy seeing used old knives, and I really enjoy seeing those knives you have refurbished and what was once a worker in the kitchen returns to it's glory. Obviously these knives aren't getting refurbished though..... great post.

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    Love seeing vintage knives. But I run into a kind of "At Odds" feeling when I see them worn down do much. Being a minimalist sharpener I only remove enough material to get the job done and most of my knives show little to no wear, short of my Hiromoto HC gyuto on which I learned how to use a Japanese knife and, lol, how to repair my boo-boo's . A few knives I have had almost 8 years (or has it been longer..) and have used almost daily with next to to wear.

    One thing I do when looking at older blades is to wonder how they where used and how they may have been sharpened. I picked this up from my work with vintage straight razors. It really is facinating to look at the blade marks and wear patterns and reconstruct how it was used and abused

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