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Thread: 2k-4K and coarse stone recommendation ??

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    Question 2k-4K and coarse stone recommendation ??

    Greetings -

    New here. Have acquired handful of nice Japanese knives over the past few years,
    and sharpen them on these three stones:

    From right to left, a Beston 500, a Bester 1000, and the 3000 (I forget the brand).

    I like the first two, but am not thrilled with the feel or performance of the 3K, and would welcome
    recommendations for a 2-4K stone.

    I could also use a coarser stone for repair, and would welcome recommendations on that as well.

    Thanks kindly,

    - Richard

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    post script

    Did a search on my Inbox -- the 3000 is a Naniwa SS, which I acquired about 2.5 years ago.

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    The beston 500 is a common suggestion for a coarse repair stone. What do you not like about it? Would you prefer something harder/less muddy?

    Not being an owner of a 3k SS, what is it about the stone that you do not like, feel and performance wise?

    Also, what are you sharpening?

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    Any stone that is coarser than the bester 500 will eat steel very quickly. A diamond plate like the dmt extra extra coarse, or the atoma 140 could be appropriate. Thes can also be used for flattening your stones.

    There are lots if stones to fill the gap that you're trying to fill 2-3k, I use a suehiro rika - nominally 5k - and am very happy with it.

    Both these recommendations are often repeated on this forum.

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    I love my Gesshin 400 and 2k. The 400 cuts fast, leaves a nice finish for a coarse stone, has very good feedback. The only negative is that it does dish. The 2k is probably my favorite stone that I've tried. It leaves a great, toothy edge, cuts fast, leaves a nice finish on stainless (not so much on single bevel carbon steel knives where the finish is very visible), and has very nice feedback.

    I know Jon has a 4k and an 8k as well.
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    I'd reccomend the Gesshin 400 for a low grit option. Cuts fast and has great feedback. I hear the naniwa choosera 400 is another solid option. I just go from the bester 1200 to the suehiro rika 5k and that works great. No need for a bridge stone there.

    I have the 3k superstone and I can say that it feels rubbery, cuts slow and dishes quickly. Me no likey.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ThEoRy View Post
    I have the 3k superstone and I can say that it feels rubbery, cuts slow and dishes quickly. Me no likey.
    I agree. Every time I used it I felt like I was trying to sharpen on a big pink eraser.

    I have both the Gesshin 2k and 4k. Both are great stones would recommend either one depending on where you wanted to end up with your edge.

    Since you already have a 1k stone I think you will be very pleased with the Gesshin 4k.

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    If you have natural stone nagura (on the coarse side), use it to make mud on SS3k. It transform the stone quite a fair bit.

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    I have both the Gesshin 2k and 8k. Easy to go from the 2k to the 8k directly. The 2k leaves a nice toothy edge on stainless, and while I'm not crazy about the feedback, it does a nice job.

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    i use a DMT XC when i need a faster stone than my Beston 500, and it works great.

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