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Thread: Petty, Deba or chef?

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    Petty, Deba or chef?


    I got my first high carbon, a Moritaka petty knife, 150mm, a KP-150 Blue.

    the width of the heel, from top to bottom is shallow, and I have cut myself a couple of times. I love the steel (once I learned how to sharpen it)

    I am now thinking about a Deba or a Chef (A japanese version). I like the thinness of the petty blade (Not insanely thin, but very nice). Is the Deba a lot thicker??? Any suggestions for a high carbon chef? In 6"! I have an 8" old Henckels that I love.



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    The Japanese equivalent to a chef's is called a Gyuto. It is a traditional Thiers/Sheffield style Chef's Knife processed through Japanese cutlery sensibilities.

    A Deba is for filleting fish like this, and not much else:

    If you want more height at the heel, you are not going to find it with a petty.


    If you are looking for a 8"/210mm Carbon Steel Japanese Gyuto...prepare to get a thousand answers. As much information as you can give us will help, I.E. Budget, aesthetic style, etc.

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    Thank you. what I really want is a 6" Gyuto that has about the same thickness of blade as my KP-150 Blue Moritaka, but more depth between the bottom of the collar and the blade of the heel.
    Hopefully that makes sense.



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    So you want exactly that knife, but with more heel height?

    Get the Moritaka Supreme 150mm Honesuki.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BurkeCutlery View Post
    So you want exactly that knife, but with more heel height?

    Get the Moritaka Supreme 150mm Honesuki.
    Yes. That seems to boil down my meanderings quite succinctly. thank you.

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    Sweet! I hope you love it. I live vicariously through those who have money and need for more knives.

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    It sounds like he wants a Santoku or Funayuki or small gyuto. He wants a small wide blade. I'm not a fan of small chefs, but they have their place. 180mm gyutos are not a popular size, but it's a 180mm gyuto or a Santoku type blade if he's looking for a more standard profile (not honesuki).

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    Sounds like a perfect opportunity to buy a Carter. Thin, the right length, great steel.

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    I'll second the Carter for what you're looking for. He usually has a lot of options in that size that have the same profile as a gyuto.

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    A Carter Funayuki will not have much more knuckle clearance, if not less. It's also pretty dang thin, thinner than the Moritaka. And not Blue steel, which he said he likes. Other Carters (not the SFGZ Funy) are a way higher price bracket.

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