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Thread: Ichimonji 330mm aoko mizu honyaki yanagi w/ saya

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    Ichimonji 330mm aoko mizu honyaki yanagi w/ saya

    Ichimonji 330mm aoko mizu honyaki yanagi

    used, excellent condition. Saya included, cream buffalo horn ferrule, octagon handle. The blade road has been polished with Ohira and uchigumori natural stones. $550 shipped, please add 2% if using PayPal. Send me PM if interested, thanks

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    I know that aoko is equivalent to "blue" steel, but is it like blue I or II?

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    double sided In'-yan bufallo horn =)

    how much spine thickness at the heel ?

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    Steel is Blue No. 2, spine width at the heel is approx 4.6mm The ferrule is a solid piece of buffalo horn which has both black and white in the same piece, I'll try to post more pics soon.

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