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Thread: Sharpening Before and After

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    Wow, that is just awesome!!! What was the final stone used?? Or stone progression if you don't mind me asking? That is a really nice and clean contrast there!!

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    Thanks! I just keep staring at it

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    i forgot to take a before pic of this one, but this one started out with about 2mm missing from the tip and a very large (long) 1.5mm-2mm or so chunk of the edge missing. After some initial sharpening, i saw that this yanagiba also had horrible high and low spots. It took much longer to fix than i had planned

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    Looks perfect now!

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    here are all 3 of the single bevel knives i sharpened today... the far right and far left ones were rehandled as well (ho wood octagon handles)

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    Man, I love that look of the blade road and the contrast!!

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