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Thread: Buying Sharpening Stuff for the First Time

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    Quote Originally Posted by ams View Post
    Thanks. So with German steels they're not capable of taking a super sharp edge (unlike Japanese steels) thus making high grit stones worthless?
    ...even counterproductive.

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    If it takes it, it won't last long enough to make it worth it. Plus starting out the less steps in the process the better, until you can get a good edge off a 1k stone anything in the 4k plus range won't do anything but make it shinier, not sharper.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ams View Post
    Thanks everyone.

    I do have a MAC ceramic honing rod but my wustohf doesn't easily cut through tomatoes and I need it sharper for certain things at work.
    Cutting through tomatoes is something that actually benefits from a 'toothier' edge. Sounds like you just need a good sharpening and then you will be able to go back to using your honing rod--until you need another sharpening. If you get a 1-2k stone and get pretty comfortable with it, you can hone on it as well. And when you get good at sharpening, then you can think about the benefit of delving into the world of Japanese knives.

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    China, I found out on softer steel (which he is looking to sharpen) you want a lower grit stone befor 1k first. Other wise he isn't removing steel, well not enough to start there and end there anyway.

    ams what happened is you created a wire edge with your mac rod. Having the edge fold over to one side then to the other when you were using the rod. Going from a low stone on both sides and then deburring. You will notice a new edge there that you wouldn't have thought possible with your rod. When you deburr you are taking all the fatigued metal off the edge. If you don't get anything, do it again. When you notice the difference move to the higher stone, and follow the same procedure. You can use your rod after this as much as needed until the edge gets to fatigued again and need to be resharpened.

    With a softer edge you want a toothier edge, which you will get at about 1-2k. Any higher you will just polish the edge, which is good for shaving hair but not good for slicing through tomato's. Eamon has some great video's on this on the forum.
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