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Thread: Let's see your EDCs

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    Quote Originally Posted by 99Limited View Post
    I have the same Endura laying next to my keyboard. I also have a Paramilitary 2 in CTS-XHP that I'm waiting to sell. I had the PM2 in M390, but sold it a month ago.
    How as the ZDP held up in your Endura? If you aren't in a rush to sell it, I might be interested in your XHP in a month or so--what was the handle color on those?

    Quote Originally Posted by Pensacola Tiger View Post
    Murray Carter neck knife:
    I was originally going to get one of Carter's neck knives for this purpose, but I really wanted a folder and something more stain resistant. Sweet knife Rick.

    Quote Originally Posted by Uptothehilt View Post
    I have a sprint run para 2 with the s90v steel, but my EDC is the sage 2 in titanium wIth s30v. Love that knife. Sorry, no pictures.
    How is the S90V to sharpen, and how would you rate it on edge retention compared to other steels you've used?

    Quote Originally Posted by l r harner View Post
    i have loved spyderco for a great number of years and dont know how any one opens a knife with out a hole in it
    Although my experience is limited with only these knives, I'm starting to have the same feeling Butch. The only reason I even got the Benchmade is because of the steel and the spring assisted open is the fastest I've seen--almost switch blade like. Not a bad knife, but much heavier than the Spydercos.

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    I have a sheeps-foot no. 8 I carry camping. Edc's aren't really a done thing here in Australia due to pretty strict carry laws.

    Love Opinel knives. Our wild mushroom season is pretty much ending, but next year I'd like to get one of their mushroom knives.

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    Stretch cf zdp, dragronfly zdp, gb cpm-m4, endura vg-10, bm 940 s30v, saks.

    dragonfly zdp has better HT than stretch cf, shaving sharp without constant microchip. Cpm-m4 is super-blue big brother.

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    Love that you started this thread! I just revamped mine.

    I used to carry a Victorinox Sportsman, Benchmade 551, and had a link on my keychain for my P.O. Box keys, etc. I didn't use the corkscrew since I"m not in the kitchen anymore, and the small flathead would collapse the can opener on my finger when doing stuck-on phillips heads. I used the Benchmade because the AXIS lock is the easiest lock to DE-activate(they all open pretty easy, don't they?) when I am in a freezer covered in boxes.

    Well, I found my solutions. I got a Leatherman Skeletool CX. I never liked heavy leathermans or their douchey belt pouches, but this is perfect for me. Light, the same steel as my Benchmade(a little thinner, too), a pair of good pliers, and some actual bits. I also switched to a snap loose leaf ring on my keychain because my keys were rubbing my knee in my car, which I HATE.

    And of course, the 4Sevens Quark MiniX 123. Dim enough on low to not wake my wife(.5 Lumens), and bright enough to spotlight a building on high(210 lumens). Still got 9 years on the warranty too.

    Now I just need to replace my wallet. I like that it carries change and cards, but it collects them too, which is annoying. I was thinking about maybe moving to a money clip. Or a Knives Ship Free City Pocket Sheath and a fixed blade. Also looking at the Victorinox SwissCard because I just might need little grooming tools. I am also playing with the idea of carrying a lock picking set around with me, provided it is small and light enough for me to not notice most days.

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    I daily carry a Spyderco Caly 3.5 Super Blue (sprint run) with Hitachi Blue steel.

    This is just a stock photo off the webs, I don't have a camera handy.

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    LOL @ Eamon, lock picking set? Don't get pulled over with those in the car.

    A friend of mine would carry a set of dentist tools for that reason.
    Chewie's the man.

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    IMG_0787 by jgraeff1, on Flickr

    here is mine from Mike Davis- mammoth tooth, westinghouse ivory(i think) leather sheath pretty badass knife he does excellent work! i have a deba from him right now and its amazing!

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    Here is mine

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