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Thread: 庖丁塚 (Hochozuka), Mound of Knives

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    庖丁塚 (Hochozuka), Mound of Knives

    I wanted to share something very cultural and touching, relating to kitchen knives....

    We have man-made mounds of knives in Japan. These mounds, or tsuka, are also referred to as tombs, and tsuka are not limited to deify humans/ancestors, but much more inclusive. For instance, a hochozuka is dedicated to kitchen knives - to thank worn-out knives, to pray for better knive/cooking skills, etc. It's been also said that in old times people reused or recycled swords which are believed to have "spirit" in them, thus spirit needed burial mounds.

    I thought about sharing these photos and knowledge... It's very refreshing to have this type of emotional connection to one's tools, especially because we live in the society filled with disposable goods. I believe everything need to be appreciated like these kitchen knives in these hochozuka.

    Jonathan and I actually looked at this one:

    I think we also have mounds of dolls and scissors, etc in Japan.

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    wow. Neat. That is all I really can say. It is leaving me speechless, with a ton of heart felt awe.
    Chewie's the man.

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    Wait, so there are knives under those things? Or are they just to commemorate the knives?

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    Most of them, I believe, have knives inside or under the mounds (I'd be very surprised if there weren't any under them). These mounds are usually supported by Shinto shrines, chefs' associations, restaurants, individual chefs, etc.

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    That is awesome.

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    Very interesting.

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    So that's where all the "vintage" Japanese blades are -not on Ebay. I think it's nice to see the spiritual connection to the tools and knives. If the knife becomes an extension of you............
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    I will continue to search out for this type of interesting things to share with you guys !

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    Looks like Steeley has some competition. Great post, look forward to more like this.

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    Thank you Sara for your posts . if it is a competition Sara won hands down .
    and i don't look that good in a dress ....
    Sara is a fresh breath of air around here and i look forward to her post and embarrassingly funny pictures of Jon.
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