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Thread: Long time watcher from a land far, far away............

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    Long time watcher from a land far, far away............

    Hi Folks

    A long time knife fan here. As a kid I was fascinated by knives as tools, and has an adult I have always been in the 'form follows function' camp. Aside from doing all the cooking in our house of four, I have an active interest in areas such as home audio, watches, technology and other 'boys toys'.

    I love NZ wines, especially Central Otago Pinot Noir, however my gout doesn't agree with that hobby.

    I have been interested in kitchen knives for over 20x years and have graduated from 8" German chefs knives, to NZ made custom items, to Japanese blades.

    Sharpening remains a challenge. Whilst I appreciate performance I am not overly talented with my hands and hence have taken up the EdgePro challenge. In tine I will graduate to natural stones.

    I have been lurking here for some time, and for years at the 'other' knife forum. I don't post much - I am daunted by my lack of expertise

    I like being 'different' and relish 'pride of ownership'. My grail list includes a custom gyuto with a NZ native timber handle / pounamu (jade) ferrule.

    Anyway, enough rambling. Thanks for the objective and civil discussions on this forum.


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    wyoming, closer to nowhere than somewhere.
    From one gout sufferer to another, Welcome!!!
    Chewie's the man.

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    welcome! if you ever come across a pounamu sharpening stone let me know, it is my holy grail.
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    Welcome and Cheers!
    once in a while you get shown the light, in the strangest of places if you look at it right

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    Hey and welcome!

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    Welcome to KKF

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    Welcome! NZ is one place I hope to visit someday.

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