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Thread: Mcusta - TAKE

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    Mcusta - TAKE

    Mcusta- TAKE folder

    *VG-10 core with nickel damascus cladding.
    *African Blackwood handle slabs carved to emulate bamboo
    *Liner lock with fast and secure action
    *2.75" cutting edge, 3.5" closed, and 6.5" overall length
    *Blue anodized thumb stud (ambidextrous)
    *Green nylon pouch case with belt loop

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Nicely made (Japanese), lightweight folder here for summer.
    A thin, sharp cutter.

    Like new, think I only opened an envelope or two with it.
    Handle has been kept waxed. Blade, lightly mineral oiled
    scroll down

    Cash be king... but open to trade for kitchen knives, stones, etc.


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    Senior Member chinacats's Avatar
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    Nice knife...good luck!

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    Still here: for sale OR trade.

    And no, that is not a booger there in the rear star pin... just dried wax (wood not ear).

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    Price drop... $110 shipped

    ... and obligatory butt shot.

    ... and centering.

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    Can you please let me know how thick it is? I'm looking for a thinner folder where I can rip off the scales and put on some koa But I know I won't carry it if it is overall too thick.


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    The liner and frame side steel thickness is about 1/16".

    The handle is 9/16" overall at it's thickest and where the Blackwood tapers, it narrows to 7/16" overall.
    This is a thinner "gentleman's" folder and almost feathery light.
    Would easily work as a pocket carry.

    Construction-wise, it appears to lend itself to re-handling.
    Six point torx screws, I believe.

    1/4" Koa slabs would be more than sufficient for shaping and would look ...
    Hope this answers any questions.


    ps, there are some top flight (higher end) folder makers living in the islands in Tom Mayo, Ken Onion, Keith Ouye, and Stan Fujisaka.

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    I'd like to buy that knife - contact me I don't know how to send a PM.

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    Mike, click on the member's name and select "private message."

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    Yup - just figured that out . . . DOH!!!

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    pms and emails sent...

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