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Thread: please share your easiest and best chicken fried steak recipe!

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    please share your easiest and best chicken fried steak recipe!


    as part of my random "diet plan"..if i want to eat something that teeters the scale of health to the dark side..i have to make it myself. trust me, you eat surprisingly very few french fries with this plan.

    let hear it.

    cut of meat
    and gravy recipes.

    mine is okay..not over the top. i use skirt steak, so it is at least very beefy flavored. i've had some amazing ones at restaurants, but i want to take a swing at this and put a good one in my wheelhouse.

    (i'll probably use some of my venison)

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    I use bottom round steak run through the tenderizer twice. Not cube steak. I select the steak and have the butcher run it for me.
    I used to season the flour, but have switched to seasoning the meat and then flouring. I grew with a thin coating style and just do a single pass in the flour.
    As far as gravy, I pour off most of the fat, then add some leftover flour, then whole milk. Finish with a healthy amount of pepper.

    When I first moved out I tried to make it and was disappointed with my results.
    I spoke with my mom about it and she asked what fat I used. I said oil.
    She always used stored bacon grease. Once I switched to that, all was good. It takes a lot of grease.

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    Easy way . Use round, slice it , pound it or jaccard it. Seasoned self rising flour, buttermilk (egg and hot sauce optional), flour. Fry at 325 to 350. You can use an egg and milk wash if you prefer instead. Make chicken biscuits and gravy the same way. Gravy from the drippings (or brown up some country sausage), seasoned flour and milk.

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