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Thread: A Bunch of J-nats

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    Aug 2011
    The EP set is officially broken up. Here is what is left

    Amakusa Red
    aoto (x2)
    Belgian Blue
    Tsushima Nagura
    Hideriyama Namito (x2)
    Hideriyama Renge Suita
    Nakayama Kiita
    Unmounted Ozuku Finisher

    New Price $275 plus shipping and paypal fee.
    Or if you are very interested in a single stone....since it is already broken up you can PM me with an offer on single stones only!
    Thanks so much!!

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    Feb 2011
    The one who got Aizu is friking lucky guy !!!!!
    If i got one of those stones for sale now i will not let it go for under 500 USD
    Congrats !!

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