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Thread: My first wa handle

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    Nice, cant wait to see it mounted on a knife.

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    Wow! Hard to believe. Really great for any attempt. Never mind first try. Looks good.

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    Very good looking result!

    And nice lamps dude

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    Thanks guys for all the positive feedback. Im glad most of you seem to like my lamps as well.

    Stefan, I think next ill try to make a handle with a beautiful piece of ironwood burl I picked up from Randy Haas.

    pkb, you are right I have not drilled the tang slot yet.
    I got some great advise from some members here so I put the handle together with a 5/16" wood dowel down the centre to help hold every thing together. I will affix the blade to the handle with epoxy.

    I think I might use this handle to replace the handle on my moritaka cleaver.
    I will probably make a few more first before I make any decisions.

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    Very sweet! Way to jump in the deep end. Am I remembering wrong, or did you get some saya nomi and start making sayas too?

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