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Thread: JKI now carrying Ultimate Edge knife bags

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    JKI now carrying Ultimate Edge knife bags

    Just put these up for sale on the website... we've had them in store for a while now...

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    The best! Love mine.

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    Such an improvement over a knife roll...this takes up much less space.

    When switching out knives for different tasks is a chore, they stay in the roll all day...with this I can easily get stuff out even when counter space is sparse.

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    Oh I am so glad you did that. Expect a order from me soon. (like I have ever ordered from you yet)
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    Love mine! They hold a ton of gear. Easy to keep organised.

    The zipper compartments for small wares are great. Improvement over some of the large cases/rolls I've seen co-workers using.
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    By far, the best bag I have owned. Wish they would make a bag for longer knives and one gusseted/expandable section.


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