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Thread: Alfredo Sauce recipie??

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    First I did this

    Then I did this

    Now I'm FOOD COMA!!!

    Half of a Vidalia Onion, fine diced. 1 tray of Shitake Mushrooms, fine sliced, sauted in 2/3 stick of butter, added in 4 gloves of minced garlic after a few minutes. Started the fettucine boiling, chicken tenders were spiced with a McCormick rub (maple brown sugar maybe?) and grilled. Added some white whine, let cook down. Then added 3/4 pint of heavy cream and let thicken. Added in some Parmesan, Peccarina Regiano and Asiago and stirred in after I removed it from the heat. Tenders were done as I was mixing the sauce with the strained fettucine.

    AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!! Thanks guys, that was what I have been looking for since I had the stuff at that restaurant around 7 years ago! Next time, smaller dice on the onion and a little less of it, more mushrooms (maybe Portabella's?) and the whole container of heavy cream. There wasn't much sauce left over after it was mixed with the fettucine, but it was enough for the pasta; I just like lots of sauce Really cheesy and creamy, exactly what I was after! Parents even liked it!

    Ok, nap time!!

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    LOL! It sounds absolutely scrumptious. [pedantic] It's not Fettuccine Alfredo or past'al burro by any stretch, [/pedantic] but who the frig cares? I'm drooling at the thought of your meal, and will have to copy that recipe for future use. Well done!
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    The meal topped off a pretty good day! I got some new arrows for my new recurve bow I just picked up; I am just starting to learn how to shoot. And I actually started to get some sort of grouping on the target finally!! Then I had that for dinner. Now I'm gonna watch a movie and relax and then go to bed. I've been up for almost 21 hours straight right now!

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