NY folks meet up?
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Thread: NY folks meet up?

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    NY folks meet up?

    I will be tattooing at the Empire State tattoo convention the 20-22 of June in White Plains. Would love to meet some of the NY folk there. Not sure of my ability to get away, but if you have time, stop by and say hello! I will be in the Waterloo booth with Joey Tattoo from Spike TV's Tattoo Rescue.

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    you guys are welcome to come by the restaurant, I think Marko and some other KKf members are stopping by that weekend.
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    do you have any openings?

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    Mike, I might stop by to say high.


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    Turbochef, yes sir i fo. Marko, looking forward to it Son...gonna try buddy!

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    Wife and I were just out in Brooklyn too, but didn't have time to go to Jackson. Maybe next time Mike.

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