FS 270 san mai gyuto
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Thread: FS 270 san mai gyuto

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    FS 270 san mai gyuto

    I had intended to do this knife as a passaround, but there is already a gyuto of mine working it's way around. So..I figured i would post it
    Steel: O-1 core, clad in 33 layers per side of 1080/15N20 with a nickel layer between the core and cladding. Rc61
    Length:270mm on edge 2.95mm at spine, 2.6mm halfway and full distal taper to the tip. Can get better [pics after work
    Handle: 2 tone Amboyna Burl, Blackwood ferrule/buttcap with blister koa spacers.
    143mm long 20/24mm ferrule 26/28mm at buttcap.
    Price is $775 + Shipping, will include says for an even $800 + shipping

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    Very nice!! Great job on the lamination!

    Feel free to visit my website, http://www.rodrigueknives.com
    Email pierre@rodrigueknives.com

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    Beautiful work, Mike! What does it weigh?

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    Impressive. Looks pretty thin behind the edge.

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    Holy shiz ! that is totally badass! Hey, remember that $800 bux you owe me? I'll take the knife as payment instead!
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    -Cleon "Slammin'" Salmon

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    Very cool -- edge profile and grind at heel look great!
    David (WildBoar's Kitchen)

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    Sorry, should add the Randy Jr. @HHH did the damascus. Weight is 240 grams. This one is pretty thin behind the edge, cuts great. Randy did a fantastic job with the cladding dude is a beast! This one has been finished for a while, just have been busy with a million things!

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    Wow! Great work, both of you guys!

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    And this one is sold!!! Thanks KKF!!!

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