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Thread: More fun with fish

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    More fun with fish

    Actually shellfish, that is. Fish market had a lobster special, but also had fresh rock shrimp. I'm used to seeing them from Maine in the winter. These were from FLA. So I made rock shrimp tempura with a spicy chili sauce.

    With the lobster I made a lobster and corn bisque, and served it with mussels, swiss chard and crispy toast.

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    Ouch.... it's almost lunch time now over here. Wanna tuck in straight away.

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    Looks great Neal - I'll have to try that. I steamed a couple of lobsters last night with just some fresh farm corn and a field green salad.

    I love rock shrimp - Hubert Keller has a recipe for rock shrimp burgers. I think that would be good with Eel sauce for a condiment instead of mayo/ketchup.

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    Damn! That looks good. You need to open a restaurant.

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    I've seen that Keller recipe Mike, but never tried it. I like the eel sauce idea. Using the eel sauce is my favorite part of the Morimoto tuna pizza.

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    Perfect toast
    Did you bake bread?

    Very nice food, neat china and plating as usual.

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    Very nice! Now I want seafood for lunch.

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    Looks great!
    Now is not the time to bother me. And it's always now. Wiley Miller

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    That looks very nice!

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    Playing around again....

    Macerated pineapple, sea bass, lychee sorbet and jalapeno


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