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Thread: What's going on with this .....

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    I need video and I need it right now.

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    Sweet! How aggressive is this thing? You use this for beefy stock removal or what?

    Oh screw it, just make a video!

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    its pretty agressive... i've got a couple stones for it and the coarser one is on now. Scratches clean up easily on my 400 (or 600 or 800... i've got lots of coarse stones)

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    This is going to be so cool. Can't wait until you get a video of this in action.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JBroida View Post
    i've got a couple stones for it
    How much do those weigh?
    Doesn't look like a fun thing to change out. (If you exclude its pure awesomeness)
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    I have 100# olympic plates for my barbells in the basement if you need practice! I haven't lifted in almost 10 years, but I used to need the 100# because I ran out of 45# plates The 100# wheels are no joke!!! Yikes!

    Where's the video??

    Sorry, just discovered the MORE page for smileys

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    really cool, Jon!

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