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Thread: This is what I married!

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    Wife = ceramic
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    Somehow I feel there is a gene involved in all this. If I were a neuroscientist I would definitely be looking at the people who don't get taking care of stuff as a source for epidemiology studies.
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    that's so cute!

    hey, she might have done it with some purposes - wives know more than husbands. Maybe she just wanted to point out that she is now ready to buy you a new knife.

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    His and her knives at my house.

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    I am thinking maybe a little more time together in the kitchen.
    As I have gotten better knives I have spent a lot more time cooking.
    Now, I am usually the one who cooks dinner because I enjoy it.
    As my wife watches how I treat the knives and cutting board her perspective on them has changed quite a bit.

    Now, I have more fun cooking and I have turned into a pretty good cook..
    My wife knows why I treat the knives and such with special care.
    She happily does extra stuff for me because I have taken on doing something that she would normally have to do.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim View Post
    His and her knives at my house.
    That is her knife.I gave her a TKC and the suisin 180 petty.She does not touch my knives.I am more upset about the funk left on the boardsmith then the knife.

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    I've done much worse Mario. On a regular basis.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim View Post
    His and her knives at my house.
    Haha, same here! Although my wife has definitely gotten better in the last year. The worst is trying to cook at my parents' place. The drawer those knives exist in must be some sort of kitchen knife hell where blades go to be punished for eternity. Nothing I say or do seems to have any impact on my mom either, so if I intend to do any cooking there, I have to bring my own knives (and watch them like a hawk so they don't end up somewhere that will destroy them) or endure the nerve-shredding torture of using those poor, sad blades.
    - Erik

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