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Thread: Show your newest knife buy

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    A new addition to my collection: A Slicer 300mm, made by mastersmith David Lisch

    Blade: serpent feather pattern (1080, 1075 and 15n20), handle: hidden tang with the integral bolster, ivory handle with bronze spacer and damascus bronze butt cap.
    measurements: overall length: 445mm (17.52''), high at the heel: 48.6mm (1.91''), the spine at the heel: 4.45mm and at the tip: 1.05mm.

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    Very nice! I've always liked Lisch's damascus.
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    Wow. I love his work. He has been doing some great collaborations with Rader as well. You don't hear enough about David Lisch. Nice buy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mucho Bocho View Post
    Chuck, thats a pretty big statement. i mean, 90% of people that actually owned an authentic Kramer would say "yes its the best, its a kramer." thank your for your honest feedback.
    I hear 90% of all statistics are made up

    I use my Carter(s) more than the Kramer and don't consider it the end-all knife. I think non-Kramer owners romanticize your latter theory more than the actual owners.

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    Interested in the Dexter 48914

    Quote Originally Posted by chinacats View Post
    Posted in ODC, but figured they're new to me so guess I can put them here as well.

    Vintage unknown bullnose, Henckels 102-12 and Dexter 48914
    Small knife for size comparison is my 10" Sab.
    Do you have the Dexter 48914, and would you be interested in selling it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ggg16902002 View Post
    A few larger photos:

    That is beautiful! Great score
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    Quote Originally Posted by ggg16902002 View Post
    A few larger photos:

    Very nice. What's the handle material?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Martell View Post
    Very nice. What's the handle material?
    Walrus Ivory

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    Sorry about posting this in two threads, but I'm pretty happy with my new Yusuke 210 and its saya. The saya didn't come with a hole so I had to do that by hand. I put one layer of tung oil on and will be adding another when it's more fully cured.

    With the pin, it stays pretty snug. Still work to do, but I was happy with my progress so I took a pic:

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