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Thread: Show your newest knife buy

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    Me either! I have a Ginga 240 that still astounds my at how it cuts.

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    Got some new pics of both my still-pretty-new Ginga 210 gyuto and Takeda 165mm AS nakiri. The Ginga has gotten a patina pretty quickly. Really love these two knives.

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    the ginga's are making a strong showing right now NICE!

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    Question O___O

    hey brianh, do you mind me asking you where you got that magnetic knife holder? it's gorgeous!

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    Jon @ Japanese knife imports. Thanks, I love it ! It's bocote, if I recall, which is usually from Mexico.

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    I just added another Rader knife to my collection…

    This little neck knife has an insane distal taper and happens to be incredibly thin behind the edge, quite the scalpel!
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    New Carter got it's first workout for brunch today: peeled, sliced, and fine julienne a dozen or so purple potato on a hard epicurian board. These purple potatoes are somewhere between sweet and regular potatos in hardness with a really thick and sandy skin. Edge could still pop hairs afterward.
    Hard to believe, but I think Carter is still getting better with white#1.
    The man knows how to make a nakiri and this one's pretty special: I haven't seen a KU / IP combo in way to long from him.
    The blade / overall knife is thicker and more robust than many that I've seen from him, but it's got one of the sickest convex grinds I've ever seen. Finish is also much finer and even then I've seen in the past.
    Oh yeah, and the handle's kinda pretty too...

    Here's another phone pic to tide you over till I get my gear setup and do a proper shoot:
    "I gotta tell ya, this is pretty terrific. Ha hahaha, YEAH!" - Moe (w/ 2 knives).

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    That thing is drop dead gorgeous Justin! Whats the weight like on it?

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    If I had to pick one knife right now that might be it. Congrats

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    My sous chef got one of those Kochi's, kiritsuke 240. I'm quite impressed with it as I know hee is as well. Very nice.

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