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Thread: Show your newest knife buy

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    Thx fellas .

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    Quote Originally Posted by stereo.pete View Post
    Picture attachment Fail!!!
    My bad. Here they are.

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    "Don't you know who he is?"

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    Shigefusa kitaeji yanagiba? Beauty!
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    Oh damn Mike, thats sexy.
    Nice pick up.
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    270 or 300mm? There's just something magical about Shig's. Congrats!
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    Oh you got another 300 Shig Kitaeji? Maxim delivered again :-) How's the other 300 kitaeji yanagi?

    Quote Originally Posted by mhlee View Post
    My bad. Here they are.

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    Quote Originally Posted by schanop View Post
    Oh you got another 300 Shig Kitaeji? Maxim delivered again :-) How's the other 300 kitaeji yanagi?
    Thanks, guys.

    This is a 300 mm kitaeji yanagiba. I haven't posted other knives that I've bought (although I will post the 270 Gesshin Hide Yanagiba) because the other knives that I've bought are somewhat readily available and I don't care to necessarily show what I've bought.

    But, I decided to purchase a Shigefusa Kitaeji Yanagiba last year after talking with a number of people, and, because Iizuka-san is getting older and production is sporadic. These really are amazing looking knives in person. I was actually quite shocked.

    I'll likely not use this knife for a while though. I just purchased that 270 Gesshin Hide Yanagiba which I'll be using as my primary yanagiba. (That knife is badass. Jon let me use his once and I was totally hooked.)

    Schanop - I don't have the other one yet.

    I'm definitely now more interested in single bevel knives made by certain makers before they stop making knives. After learning from Jon how to take care of single bevel knives and sharpen them, I've begun to appreciate them more and more. I also wanted to purchase a couple of Jin knives this year, including a 300 mm yanagiba this year, but, unfortunately, it looks like they'll have to wait for the time being.
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    Awesome. Shig kitaeji 300 yanagiba and 270 gyuto are next for me....

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    This is what I have picked up over the last couple months
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    That cleaver is bad a$$!!!

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