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Thread: Wide bevels.

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    Wide bevels.

    Hey guys, im just wondering if anyone could shed some light on two knive's im looking into.

    1. Sakai Takayuki Syousin Sakura (240mm gyuto) #blue2
    2. Gesshin Kagekiyo (240mm gyuto) #blue1 / white#2

    If anyone has experience with these and maybe even a comparison of f&f, tapering, grinds, geometry and general usage it will help with making a decision on these.

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    I have a kagekiyo b1 but it is a ktip. What I can comment on is that is the nicest finished knife I've ever handled apart from a Konosuke HM series gyuto. The grind starts high and is pretty true to the bevel & more-or-less flat on the face side, the reverse is ever so slightly concave. It is exquisitely thin behind the edge and I'm about 90% certain I'll tip it at some point due to that thinness and taper culminating in a needle at the tip. It's very flat too so you need to "guilltonine & glide" or adjust a little. It moves through food spectacularly but is subject to the same constraints as any wide bevel moving through taller harder stuff. I nearly sold it completely unused as I had trouble bringing myself to make that first cut. Cladding is crazy reactive

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