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Thread: Great artisan knives at Williams Sonoma?

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    Great artisan knives at Williams Sonoma?

    I was tempted to post in the ugliest. knife. ever. thread but these may be a stroke of genius for being carried by Williams Sonoma...

    Anybody know anything about these knives?

    Oaks Bottom Forge 6 1/2 inch chef, $599.95

    Nesmuk EXKUSIV full damascus 7 inch chef, $2999.95

    Call me da shill-meister if you must... but admit they're worth a quick google search for s* and grins...

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    I looked up Nesmuks a while back and noticed they all had a pronounced belly and were very pricey. Hey, if you have an extra $100,000 lying around, you can get one with diamonds in it. I know I'm buying them for all my buddies for Xmas.

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    Involves Germans. Lots of Germans.
    Nesmuk are considered by the Germans as... you know, it's a favourite glass case piece in knife stores... like japanese knives but going FULL HIPSTER.... the Full kind of full hipster that wants to make sure there is no accidental authenticity ... that considers examining the philosophy of hipsterdom to his own advantage to be so 2000s...

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    Hah Rotterdam has one very large kitchen store 'kookpunt' (cooking point) and bingo. Damascus Nesmuks in a glass case. Tojiro shippu and some cheap J-knives in classic style called Sun.

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