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Thread: Finding a high quality handleless blade

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    Finding a high quality handleless blade

    I'm starting a custom knife piece, and I'm wondering what the best avenue is to find a blade worthy of a beautiful handle. Is ordering straight from a Japanese knife master my only option? If so, who are the absolute most reputable knife producers? I would like to spend $400-500 on just the blade itself, a 270+mm suji.

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    Got some great makers right here on this forum. Definitely worth checking out as well.

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    A handle represents a small fraction of the cost of a knife. Suggest you spend some time considering steel types, profiles geometiry, hardness and other details, find a knife that appeals to you and buy it. If you like it then knock the handle off and start your project.

    Nothing feels quite the same as being invested in a handle on a knife you don't like. Don't ask how I know...
    Older and wider.

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    What Dave said. It really is a question what you want to achieve and how much experience with knives you have. If you are just starting you could be better off buying a good quality japanese blade from some of the vendors around here who can help you to select the right one and then either order one without handle (may be possible with knives with WA handle), or just knock the standard handle off and start with a custom one.

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