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Thread: Show your newest knife buy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Johnny.B.Good View Post
    Actually, I ordered mine last year after seeing the one pictured on Jon's website now (the ferrule on mine being the only difference).

    (I just created a Photobucket account, as I can't figure out Picasa/Google+!)
    dude, those Inos are awesome looking!

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    Here's my newest prep tool..A CCK 1303 re-handled with cocobolo and well as a fantastic saya from our friend Eamon.This cleaver cuts ridiculously well (as I'm sure many of you know) and with a new handle, it feels very natural in hand.
    I did my usual "finishing" which includes:
    -taking the dremel to the spine and choil followed by progressive sanding and then polishing.
    -light sanding of the corners of the handle followed by some tung oil.
    -removal of the forge slag and lacquer.
    -forced patina with mustard and then a hot vinegar bath for a couple hours.
    -stained the saya and carved a new pin out of "fatwood". I love fatwood pins due to there resinous nature....they really grip the hole when pushed in.
    -put a new edge on it of course .

    After the pics were taken, I took a green scotchbrite pad to the steel, removed the patina (and extra slag that remained) and let the blade sit up-rite in an onion for about twenty min. to check re-activity. I fully expected the onion to have turned black where it sat up next to the blade, but it was totally unstained! Well, that's about it...thanks for looking.

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    Sweet Mac!

    Who made the handle?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Johnny.B.Good View Post
    Sweet Mac!

    Who made the handle?
    Isaiah Schroeder!

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    Wow, nice job on the staining. Also, way to upgrade a $40 cleaver to a whole other level!

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    Wow - that's one sweet cleaver. I'm going to refer to your list above for future messing about with my knives. Really nice handle too: looks great, but also complements and doesn't distract from the metal. Excellent!

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    mygod thats mcsexy custom saya?
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    Thanks guys, the saya is not really a custom fits the CCK and the cooksknivestogo in-house cleaver. It's made very well indeed!

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    What'd you do to remove the "slag" from the KU finish? Great job btw.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JasonD View Post
    What'd you do to remove the "slag" from the KU finish? Great job btw.
    I sanded most of it off and then soaked the whole thing in vinegar for about 5-6 hours....after the bath it came off pretty easy with a green scrubbie. As of now it just looks like a brushed finish.

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