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Thread: Show your newest knife buy

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    nice combo. and very fitting

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    Really cool, Magnus! You're on a roll right now

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr.Magnus View Post
    My Awsome Mike/Mike in aeb-l/304 clad with a solid aeb-l core HRC62. Handle is Mammoth Molar with Sterling silver spacers and black buffarlo horn. Both Mikes outdid them self. man this thing is nice.. and the grind is awsome
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    Wow! That's one puuurdy knife.

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    That really is an amazing gyuto, congrats!
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    Well its not a knife. but next best thing, a moster razor from Max Sprecher in carbon fiber and stone wedge. size 10/8

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    Very nice, Maxim! I'm still kinda mad at myself for not popping by his shop, in March.

    Take a look around at:

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    Please humour me, who's Mike/Mike? Is that one of the custom makers here?

    Very beautiful knife?

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    Here is my latest purchase(s) from Watanabe. I have a fairly big collection of knives - 80+ but for more years than I care to admit Watanabe has been my core set of daily users. These were split between pre and post summer vacation orders so I've had time to use some of them. All are pro series, mostly with small tweaks that I wanted to make based upon my experience with my last set. There are still 2 more pieces to come. The ones pictured are (left to right):

    - Santoku. Kasumi finish. 180mm. Blue steel. Super thin and light. I have always enjoyed using santoku (can I get banned for admitting that?) and I'm happy to say that this is my best one ever. Hands down.
    - Mioroshi deba. 210mm. Blue steel.
    - Yanagiba. 270mm. White steel.
    - Sujihiki 300mm. Blue steel.
    - Wa-gyuto 240mm. Blue steel.
    - Ryodeba 180mm. Blue steel.
    - Ryodeba extra, extra, heavy. 150mm. Blue steel. I call this one 'the hammer'.

    I will post the other two when they arrive and I plan on reviewing some of these sometime in the future as well.

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