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    jamon iberico?

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    Quote Originally Posted by maxim View Post
    Thanks guys !!
    I have no stones from Spain with me only this beast

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    Excellent idea.

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    Quote Originally Posted by schanop View Post
    jamon iberico?
    Doesnt look like black pigs leg to me, too "moist".

    From what I remember when I did CasAlba ham deboning, serrano matures 24 months min while iberico minimum 36 months. Do I remember correctly?

    Maxim, whos going to debone it?

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    Yes its not iberico ist regular Jamon Curado but very good one
    Shigefusa will debone it very slow

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    Welcome Back Maxim!!! Glad to know you had fun. More Pics?
    At Death's Door You Only Have 2 choices. Die Happy or Die Regretfully.
    Knowing this...........Choose 1 and Live!!!!!!!!!

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    So jealous. My climate would turn that leg mouldy within days, unless I kept it in a air conditioned room - which may turn it drier than it is cured at. Ah, the suffering we tropical people put up with...

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