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Thread: What's On Your List

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    What's On Your List

    As posted by Crothcipt on 7-30-2012:

    "Ty for your response, I had put these knives on the back of the list. But, now they have moved up quite a bit."

    Which got me to wondering: What is on you list?

    My current list::

    Marko guyto, suji, petty
    Heiji, possible kurochi damascus
    Yoshikane SLD
    Jin Yanagiba
    (Honyaki-constructed knife)Brand/type TBA

    I also think if we had a running tally of knives that we felt we could part with others might be able to use to satisfy their objects of desire

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    I have cancelled most my custom orders, with the exception of those whose lists I have been on the longest, or those already in the works. Baby on the way means knife money=diaper money. Regardless, I have had my go to's for awhile and had planned a sell off of everything else at some point anyway.

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    Molted salt pods are on my list. Sorry, no knives.

    "All beauty that has no foundation in use, soon grows distasteful and needs continuous replacement with something new." The Shakers' saying.

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    Heiji or gengetsu semi stainless... gesshin hide yanagiba or usuba or deba.

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    After my Martell gyuto is done I won't NEED anything; that said, I would love to have a good yanagiba and deba or a mioroshi deba. Those are very long term thoughts though; I got bills to pay!

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    Since it is not yet paid for one of the new Ohiras from Maksim, then one of the Kato knives...and then, then man it never ends it looks like.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marko Tsourkan View Post
    Molted salt pods are on my list. Sorry, no knives.

    Mmmmm.... salt pots. Tasty.


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    Marko Gyuto (in the works)

    Mario Gyuto or suji ( one day)

    Mike Davis deba ( being tested)

    Heiji or gesshin ino Gyuto (one day)

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    My kit is coming together quite nicely, but I have just a couple more underway.

    So far what has been ordered are:
    Shigefusa cleaver and a Yoshikane Usuba.

    What I see down the road:

    A Masamoto HS Honyaki Yanagi.
    A Kiritsuke and a Fugubiki will also be added to the collection down the road.
    I will order them from one of the many fine knifemakers in Japan, but what maker is something I need to research more before deciding upon.

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    On order: Rodrigue mid-tech chinese cleaver (hopefully not too far away) and a Mizuno stainless cleaver (hopefully will arrive this morning)

    What I'd like to add down the line?
    A #7 cleaver of some sort, probably sugimoto, but have also have been looking at Ashi's offerings.
    Would like to check out Takeda, Saji and Tadatsuna, but at the moment, I'm in no hurry. Spent way to much on knives this year.

    Other than that, the basics to try some handles.


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