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Thread: cookbook without a recipe?

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    Thanks for all the feedback. Ordered several of the books suggested last night. Wanted to add a few more (Pepin's Complete Techniques, Notes from a kitchen etc) but they were sold out - will get them at a later point. I was very happy to source 'La Varenne Practique' for only $37 in "as new" condition.

    Ended up with these:
    The Professional Chef
    Flavor Bible: The Essential Guide to Culinary Creativity, Based on the Wisdom of America's Most Imaginative Chefs
    Ruhlman's Twenty: 20 Techniques, 200 Recipes, A Cook's Manifesto
    La Varenne Practique

    In addition I got a few baking cookbooks for my soon-to-be-built wood fired oven.
    The Art of Wood-fired Cooking
    Wood-Fired Cooking: Techniques and Recipes for the Grill, Backyard Oven, Fireplace, and Campfire
    Bread Baker's Apprentice: Mastering the Art of Extraordinary Bread

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    Quote Originally Posted by ecchef View Post
    I have a couple of book by Pierre Gagnaire that are completely enigmatic. Makes ya think though.
    He's got a restaurant in Seoul. Korea's only Michelin resto. Worth a visit you think?

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    I have a book by a Norwegian cook named Andreas Viestad. It's called "How to boil water" and I think its brilliant. In the book he spends most of the time discussing why and how certain techniques work etc.
    Sounds great!

    Larousse G - Love it enough that my copy's covered with oily fingerprints.

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