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Thread: This is not normal for me

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    wyoming, closer to nowhere than somewhere.
    Try the local vet. also. They usually know if a dog has some big injuries, and who they belong to.
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    Sounds like he was abandoned, and if not he was lucky to found you as the previous home was not ok. Sir, thank you for having the moral strength to take on another potential family member. I salute you, no matter what you decide.

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    Lost dog of the month...
    -"we're gonna make gluten free lasagna"

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    Quote Originally Posted by AFKitchenknivesguy View Post
    Sounds like he was abandoned, and if not he was lucky to found you as the previous home was not ok. Sir, thank you for having the moral strength to take on another potential family member. I salute you, no matter what you decide.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Twistington View Post
    Lost dog of the month...
    Same thing my wife said.

    After work yesterday I went to put up found dog posters.
    1st place I went there was a lost pug poster.
    So I called the number on the poster. After the guy described the dog I told him I had found his dog.
    It was a family that had been traveling through the area that lived a couple hours away. One of their small children (4 year old) had let the dog out of their vehicle and didn't say anything. Nobody noticed him missing until later, miles down the road.
    We arranged to meet at the local grocery store.
    I went home to tell my wife and pick up the dog. When I got there he was missing.
    I called the family back and told them I had lost their dog but I would search around our neighborhood.
    About a half hour later I found him on a trail in the woods about a half mile from the house chasing squirrels.
    Called the family and told them I had found their dog again. They were almost back to our town so we agreed again to meet at the grocery store.

    They were a young family with 2 little girls about 4 and 6 years old.
    When the dog saw them he got all wiggly and was excited to see his family.
    They were very grateful and kept thanking me for finding Spike.
    It was fairly obvious that they didn't have a lot of money but they kept trying to give me a couple hundred dollars.
    I turned down the money and told them I was just glad how everything had turned out.
    Turns out they had been searching for him all day and had just headed home when I called.
    The scars on his side came from trying to play with a raccoon.

    Now my wife is making comments like;
    If you really want another dog, we can get one.
    That wasn't my motivation with these last two dogs, but who knows what will happen in the future.

    Normally I kind of keep to myself and don't get involved.
    I don't know why that has changed lately but it feels good to help out and do the right thing.
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    Great news!

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    Charlotte, NC AKA The Queen City! The lint-filled belly button of the south.
    Great end to a good story. Mark, U R so da man !!!
    Hey, I have a geriatric English Bulldog on her last leg, if you cover the shipping(70+lbs) she is yours!!!
    Seriously though, this is great news.
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    to you Mark

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    I salute you, sir. That is incredibly kind of you to take in a stray dog. I'm sure he is super happy with you now.

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    Great story and I'm glad it turned out well for everyone

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