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Thread: trying to learn how to sharp

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    The only other thing that I can think of is something to flatten your stone with, most people here use a DMX extra extra coarse plate but they cost about 75$, you can get away with using 220 grit drywall screens or sand paper. Just make sure when you flatten to do it on a already flat surface. But if you also have some wine corks around they are very good for de-burring your knives when you are ready to go from the 1k to the 6k. If I forgot anything else some of the others might chime in and add to it but I'm thinking you'll be good to go. Just practice and take your time. Don't go fast and check your work to make sure you are hitting the edge. Hope this helps.

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    If you check out Murray Carter's videos you will see that all you really need is a big chunk of cement and a piece of cardboard!

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    King 1k/6k for stones.

    The internet taught me to sharpen, it can do the same for you. If you have some extra dollars, Dave(from has a DVD, and so does Murray Carter(From Murray Carter knives by Murray Carter, a trademark of Murray Carter, Carter Cutlery Industries).

    Your next purchase after a knife and a simple coarse/fine soaker type stone should be a basic strop. But there's no need to fiddle with that until you get working the stones down.

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    Colouring the bevel with a marker pen will help you to see where you're hitting, which is really useful when learning. I started on a 1k/6k and it's the stone I always loan out when people want to learn. If you're starting with a blunt knife make sure you stay on the 1k side for long enough. Until it's sharp at 1k, 6k won't do anything except make it look prettier

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