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Thread: Anyone using induction?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Audi's or knives View Post
    That is one reason on the simmer (width of flame contact), if I could redo the purchase I would omit the simmer for a 15k and stick another Nova burner on there. I mainly use that burner with asparagus steamers and stuff I'm not worried about burning.

    Just curious about the ignitors, I got my replacement direct from Bluestar. It be nice to have a source to buy in bulk at low cost, I'll have to check some local retailers to see if they know. From what i've read these ignitor types burn out every couple years.

    To keep this on topic, how efficient are the induction burners? How much of the heat is actually transmitted to the cooking device vs an electric or gas flame?
    Induction works directly on the cooking vessel, not by conduction like a standard electric range, so there is no "transmission" of heat. The induction cooktop will get hot because of the transfer of heat from the cooking vessel, but this is just a side effect.

    As far as energy efficiency is concerned, I've read "Gas around 40, electric around 70, induction 84".

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    I have one in the house in Sweden. Love it. When you have kids it's a real benefit to not have hot areas after you remove the pot.
    Mine is a Gaggenau and it does make a whining sound when running at max, but i do not know if all do that.
    It seems a lot more kind onthe cooking vessels compared to the gas we have here.

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    We have the Kenmore sold by Sears that is made for them by Electrolux. We love the thing but also have a couple of Circulon Infinite Induction portables that I tried first. I compared all 3 that was available at the time and started to buy the GE then changed my mind when I saw the additional features on the Kenmore. I needed a free standing system instead of the counter top so my list at the time was very limited. I've never been sorry as it beats both the gas and electric ranges I've had through the years with a lot more temperature control on it.

    I still have and use the Circulon also especially when traveling as well as two extra burners when needed during holidays.


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