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    Very nice work Mario!
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    Quote Originally Posted by knyfeknerd View Post
    Were you just shirtless when you took that picture?
    I don't know what is creepier,me taking pic shirtless or you noticing.

    K-Fed she is spoken for.

    Tom I have Brad Stahlsmith at Peters HT doing my blade for now.I just don't have the room in my garage for anymore equipment.

    I really have to say that if this customer did not provide me with the block of wood for the handle I would be keeping this knife,I like this one a bunch.THANX

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    Quote Originally Posted by RRLOVER View Post
    I don't know what is creepier,me taking pic shirtless or you noticing.
    I'm not trying to be creepy, but that knife is so darn shiny it's like a vanity mirror! Really great work Mario. Congrats to the lucky owner.
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    That knife is mine everyone -- hands off

    Amazing work Mario; can't' wait to get it in hand.

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