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Thread: Getting a Handle on Marko

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    Getting a Handle on Marko

    I just bought one of Marko Tsourkan's "practice" knives, a 240 gyuto in 52100. It came without a handle, so I installed a pre-made handle from Epicurean Edge. The knife came with a fairly long tang, so I started working on the hole in the handle with needle files to expand it. This was going painfully slowly, so I put the tang on the belt grinder to shorten and taper it some. No dice---that steel is HARD, and my belt grinder is only a 1x42. So I put the knife in a vise and took an inch off the tang with a hacksaw. After some more needle filing, the blade ended up being a perfect super-tight friction fit, no glue required.

    Here's a pic of blade and handle (after cutting the tang):

    And here is the finished product:

    Knife and handle together weigh only 157 grams, so it's a laser. Time to go cut something...

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    Nice work!
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    Hoping I don't have to do all that to mine, but it sure looks great!
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    You're a braver man than I to take a hacksaw to one of Marko's creations!

    Well done. Knife looks fantastic.

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    Nice job. Can't wait to hear how she performs.
    If it's as good as I think it'll be, you gotta get a KKF forum member's handle on that baby! There's so many craftsmen to choose from!
    Would be cool to see a Marko/Mike(mhenry) or Hattorichop or Stefan or any of the very talented people I'm sure I'm forgetting.
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    I wish I could have afforded to get one those practice blades, great deal. I must commission one once I am not broke. I am sure you could attach anything to the tang and have an awesome knife.

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    Nice! And since it's friction fit, you can pop it off to polish it, and maybe even swap it out someday!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BurkeCutlery View Post
    Nice! And since it's friction fit, you can pop it off to polish it, and maybe even swap it out someday!

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    That makes a very nice looking piece!
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    Nicely done. I'm sure Marko would approve.
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