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Thread: Kimono/Yukata

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    Hello I'm trying to wear kimono as much as possible at JKI (and Jon wears samue). Here's some kimono photos I have... I have a lot of kimono at home, and most of them are not in this thread.. From next time I wear kimono, I will make sure to upload photos here.

    FYI: I started learning how to wear kimono like a year ago (from my Mom who lives in Japan)... so please forgive me for any mistakes I make...

    With my artistic parents.

    I bought this hurisode (kimono with extremely long sleeves) for my coming of the age.

    Date night in kimono

    Quick breakfast in kimono...

    Being two massive dorks in kimono (hakama for Jon)

    Working in kimono

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    These Kimonos are beautiful, but I have to say, your father looks awesome in that second picture. I hope I get a few pictures like that of me before I die.

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    Those are beautiful, Sara!
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    You look lovely Sara. Please do post more photos of your kimonos.

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    Jinbei. Best summer clothing ever. Just hard to find my size.
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    The kimono do look great. I must say however, your dad's hair looks fantastic in pic 2!!!
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    Thanks There's something so awarding to be able to wear them.... I will keep posting new photos here

    And yes, my Dad is awesome! I miss him so much...

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    Wow Sara, all I can say is, you look stunning!!!!! I really like the two kimonos, one with the orange in it and the other one with the purple.

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    I really enjoy putting kimono on ! I'm hoping to do a kimono day more often, but i often run out of time The purple one you liked is from Japanese so-called "Taisho Roman" (Taisho Romance) period. It's an antique, and was originally designed as a wedding gown. As an indication as an antique, the hem has a little volume to it.

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    So when are you going to liquer Jon up, dress him in kimono and make him wear the pink helmet of joy?(I demand pictures)

    Great looking clothes anyway and that's a fantastic mustasche on your father.
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