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Thread: Ive finally understood!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucretia View Post
    Plebian that I am, I'd never heard of this and had to look it up. The interesting thing was all the search results were "Wow! 86 ingredients! On a tray that so complex the sous chefs use a map! That you eat with Lamb!"

    Nothing popped up saying "this is the most delicious thing you will ever put in your mouth."
    I wish I never heard of it. It makes me guilty somehow. Its like I know they can do it, so I could too, but why? 3-4 simple flavours extracted and emphasized is enough.
    I wonder - how do you find time to preare 86 different garnishes to "very good" level? I mean, I know they did it, I can believe it easily, but how many people and how many hours been spent preping that?

    Quote Originally Posted by Lucretia View Post
    The emperor has no clothes.
    I can see we play in one team, ma'am.

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    I was thinking about this tonight at dinner. I think culture plays a huge role in the assumptions about the responsibilities of the chef and the responsibilities of the food in the final dish. Japan seems to be the epitome of "let the food speak for itself" while India seems to be the epitome of "the food is a tool for the chef to speak." Even with these two extremes, it's still 90/10 vs 10/90...never 100 or 0.

    It reminds me of one of the big culture differences between vintners and brewers. The vintner is generally trying to make a wine the best expresses the grapes he/she received...and they use the term "production notes" to indicate flavors introduced/created by the vintner to hide or rectify a problem with the grapes (or in some cases through incompetence)...but it's usually considered a criticism to observe "production notes."

    However, brewing is all about production notes....the brewer manipulating the ingredients for his/her own purpose. Vintners go nuts about getting the best grapes...brewers make little fuss (but not none) about the barley they use.

    I don't think Beer is better/worse than wine...nor that Indian cuisine is better/worse than Japanese...they each have a very different ethos though.

    My $.02 about "letting the flavor of the fish come through" vs "overwhelming it with other flavors."

    Remember: You're a unique individual...just like everybody else.

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