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Thread: A few Stones for sale

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    A few Stones for sale

    1.Naniwa Chosera 3k with base used ~10 times on razors, with box and conditioning stone- $75 shipped in US

    2.San Aoto from Maxim @ JNS, 200x40x40mm. The stone is sealed with cashew lacquer and washi paper, it is harder than usual Tamba Aoto found from various vendors. The stone finishes in the 2-3k range, and a fast cutter, the lines do not affect the sharpening. PRICE= $90 shipped in US.

    3. Naniwa Superstone 12k ,used a few times for finishing razors. PRICE = $65 shipped in US

    4. Hideryama Kiita. This a mid range stone that finishes in the 4k range, very easy to slurry, but it comes with a slurry stone from one of it's corners. That Hidetyama is great for intermediate work(after Aoto for example) on single bevel knives and guytos. The stone measures: 180 (longer side) x 110x 25mm. PRICE= $100 shipped in US.

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    pm about aoto.

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    Aoto sold.

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    PM sent on the Naniwa 3K

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    Chosera sold.

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    Super stone sold.

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