deba vs. sujihiki
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Thread: deba vs. sujihiki

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    deba vs. sujihiki

    The guys who break down all manner of fish -and whole pigs- use MAC and Misono sujihiki's. I'm thinking of asking them to teach me and wonder if I'd substantially benefit from a deba. Like some chefs, suji's are their primary knives.

    Or should I just stick with my Kanemasa E-Series?
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    depends on the technique you're going to learn. If they dont use deba, chances are they wont be able to teach you good deba technique.

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    Makes sense.

    Both are highly skilled/fine dining guys, and one worked at Morimoto here in Philly for a few years breaking down fish but doesn't know from a deba. His technique is definitely different and less refined than Theory's so I guess I'll stick with the suji.
    "Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough." —Mark Twain

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    Yep, the sushi bar I worked at, they didn't use Deba to cut fish, so I learned a sort of bastardized technique, and found doing it with a medium to short suji was easiest. I later learned to use a Deba(somewhat) on my own, but a big to what Jon said.

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    Learn their way, then teach yourself deba technique. It's good to know both. I wouldn't dream of breaking down fish without a deba now...

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