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Thread: GMO

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    Yeah something to think about. Another thing is that in DK we have very large pig farming and all the fertilize for vegetables and corn come from pigs. Because of that we have large pollution in our sea and rivers. So if they made corn and vegetables that did not had to be fertilized we can safe a lot of fish and pollution in the waters and soil.
    So it is 2 sides of the story

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    When your free range are mammoths, and you must kill them with spears... Plus, the occasional plant turns out to be deadly poison... tends to shorten life span. ;-)

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    I think that the problem with conflating gm with selective breeding is the scope of change. One of which is that a lot of the gm crops are sold sterile (ostensibly to comply with various laws). Another is that in selective breeding, the results come in gradual, easily testable results that over time will get to where we want without introducing unknown unknown side effects (e.g. Could bees be allergic to this strain due to the inserted pesticide).

    The last point is that the grains that aren't sold sterile can cross contaminate for miles around, so even if you wanted do a controlled test and you found that there was a problem, there's no way you could guarantee that you had destroyed all of that strain. (and they need to have some non sterile crops to get the seeds that are subsequently sterilised). It also means that if the company ever goes bust, every farmer that they supply won't be able to grow grain again.

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