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Thread: For Sale 3 Honyakis, all Ittosai Kotetsu and some stones.

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    For Sale 3 Honyakis, all Ittosai Kotetsu and some stones.

    For sale are three Ittosai Kotetsu gyutos. 2 are wa, one is used and sharpened once by me and once by previous owner. The other one is brand new never used. The third one is the same knife but western handled. All three knives measure 300mm and have ebony handle and sayas. They are real beauties and I am selling them due to life circumstances, nothing bad just new stuff I want to do. I will post pictures later on today or tomorrow in the morning. I am also selling 3 coticules, if anyone is interested I will post pictures later on today too. Thanks for your time!

    Ittosai Wa gyuto (used) 650
    Ittosai Wa Gyuto (New) 800
    Ittosai Western Gyuto (new) 800
    Coticule (thick coticule layer about .75 inches) 200
    small coticule (natural combo) 40
    Medium coticule (natural combo) 60
    King 8k 70
    Naniwa snow white 70
    JKS 10k 80
    kitayama 60

    I recommend you contact me directly for negotiations on shipping and paypal fees. Thanks!

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    Pics as promised, Theres also some new stones:
    Naniwa green brick 40 bucks
    arashiyama 1k 35
    bester 700 35
    Carter 240 white steel knife 500 (with saya)
    yoshihiro yanagi 100 (with saya)
    Moribashi ebony and white buffalo horn 70

    .Attachment 9144Attachment 9145Attachment 9146Attachment 9147Attachment 9148Attachment 9149Attachment 9150Attachment 9151Attachment 9152Attachment 9153Attachment 9154Attachment 9155Attachment 9156

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    For some reason I can't post other pics so I have a link to my picasa:

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    5k "renge" stone 75

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    Yanagi sold!

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    Big coticule and small coticule sold!

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    Kitayama sold

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    Mhlee your inbox is full!

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    I've cleared up space. Sorry about that.
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