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Thread: Time To Switch To Bing

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    Quote Originally Posted by maxim View Post
    hehe what you guys think of this guy ?
    I think its quite ironik that he posting all his videos on YouTube and they alow it

    I think he's out there. As in talking crazy, all the time.

    The only problem with that, is that he's right waaaay too much of the time. Predicting 9/11, wars, drafts, economic collapse, long before they were the miserable reality.

    He's not the investigator, he's just a mouthpiece. But he knows some real stuff. My only concern with trusting his information is that he isn't dead yet. People like Bill Cooper, who DO investigate firsthand, often end up on the wrong end of a "police altercation" or a "tragic accident". Due to his continued survival, I am not sure how how to distinguish, in what Alex Jones professes, between what may be truth and what may be state-sponsored counter-intelligence.

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    As has been mentioned, the problems include ID theft, restriction on the type of information that you are presented with (Google restricts search results based on things that you're most likely to click on), more effective advertising (we don't have unlimited cash), discrimination from insurance companies - who buy your data, and general slow eroding of expectations of privacy.

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